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I follow a lot of home design accounts on Instagram. As I scroll, I usually screenshot posts that strike my particular fancy, and promptly forget all about them - lost in the depths of my iPhone camera roll. The purpose of today’s post is to resurrect some of these lost treasures in the guise of a design inspiration dump. At the end I’ve included a few additional accounts I would highly recommend for all you design junkies. Enjoy!



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Earlier this month we joined the boys for beach preamble to their annual golf tournament. Aren’t those hats perfect? Each year they design some sort of “golf swag” with the logo they made for the tournament (Captain’s Cup). Each year the winner gets his name embroidered on the captain’s hat, and they get to wear it throughout the next year, as well as at next year’s tournament. It’s very cute, all the preparation and thought they put into this trip. This year the hats came in handy, as they ended up playing 90 holes of golf in 100 degree heat every day. Doesn’t that sound like a blast?



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You would think six years of living a mere half an hour’s drive from the National Arboretum would have given me plenty of chances to visit. Especially given my infatuation with all growing things, it’s a bit of a shame that it’s taken me this long. A few weeks ago, Cam’s parents and sister scooped me off and we headed up to northwest DC to check it out.



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I’ve said it before, but Etsy is one of my favorite places to find home decor pieces. Everything on the site is unique, if not one of a kind, and the money you spend goes directly to support a small business or local artist. Why spend your money on a canvas print at HomeGoods that you’ll start seeing in all of your friends’ houses, when you could have something custom made or personalized for the same price?

The entire Etsy universe is much too large to explore in one post, so for today I’ve rounded up a few pieces of artwork I’ve had my eye on lately.



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Have a lovely weekend folks, Cam is still away, so I have the place to myself for a few days. When he’s away I usually fill the time with thrifting, frozen yogurt eating, and tackling the piles he loves to build around our apartment. I’m quite looking forward to it.




In an unusual stroke of leniency, the lads have decided to allow us ladies to join them for a few days on their annual golf extravaganza. Although we have strict instructions to be out of their hair before any rounds actually begin, we are all packing up and heading down to Myrtle Beach for a few days of relaxation.




Restrained as I am by a lack of flat surfaces to squeeze more and more plants into our apartment, I’ve started exploring more non-traditional ways to incorporate more greenery into the decor.




My five-year-old self wants to pop in to tell you all that a quick Google search shows that America shares a birth year with the mechanical air compressor, the Illuminati, and Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. Remember to include these honorees as you raise toasts and sing raucous songs. I hope everyone has a safe and spirited Fourth!




A Friday before a long weekend is a special breed of slow-moving. Unless of course your office dismisses you at 2pm like mine! I will leave you Americans to three days of sun and star-spangled sweets with these links:




I was so late to jump on the podcast bandwagon, and boy have I been missing out! It all started when my mom moved to North Carolina and Cam and I started making the four hour drive to see her several times a year. Throughout my childhood we always stocked up on books on tape for long car rides, but unfortunately Cam and I couldn’t find common ground there. Podcasts were the perfect solution, as you can find virtually any topic or interest area, and they’re broken up into easily digestible chunks of 30 or 60 minutes.




As much as I love simple, neutral home decor, every so often I come across an accent color that I can’t get out of my head. This moody dark teal is stunning as a counterpoint to white walls, neutral textiles, and light woods. If you’re not confident enough to convert an entire accent wall, try a door or a sideboard.




One of my favorite recurring post topics on the blogs I have followed for years are the “ten things”, or “Friday five”, or “links I love” posts. They’re a quick way to peek into the life of the person you’ve eagerly (or creepily, as my boyfriend tries to remind me, he of the non-blog-understanding folk) followed week after week. It’s also one of the main ways I collect interesting articles and covetable home decor ideas. Today I kick off the first of my own “Five Things” post series.




Happy first day of summer! We kicked things off properly this weekend with a classic float/camp combo.

It’s not often that Virginia trumps New Mexico in the outdoor activity category. The mountains are small and unassuming, the trails are sandwiched in between housing developments, but let me tell you about the water. Growing up in a state where every drop was precious, summer lawn watering or car washing was regarded as criminal, and the Rio “Grande” only flowed right after monsoon season, life in Virginia is one big water park if you’re willing to drive for it.




Everyone wakes up on December 31 and reminisces about the past year: all the decisions, new experiences, and changes. I was cleaning out my Google Photos this morning and found this picture, which immediately got me thinking about my life this time last year.



counting down

I know it’s too easy to declare every week the longest week ever but GUYS THIS WAS THE LONGEST WEEK EVER. Phew. Today I officially established my last day in the office: July 29. If you wanted to count down with me that’s 32 bowls of oatmeal at my desk, 64 metro rides, 623 reminder emails, and 1256 trips to the coffee machine. The last two figures were estimated but I’m fairly confident of their accuracy.




June snuck up on me. May was an endless stream of road trips and layovers. I somehow managed to squeeze a year’s worth of social travel into one month - Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, wine country. My loved ones graduated, performed, and tied the knot. June is sudden ghastly heat and work stress and counting down paychecks. June is also a finished quilt, a camping trip, and catching up on all the missed opportunities to sleep in.




The shade of the day is grey - grey walls, grey pots, lovely grey. The best neutral only occasionally upstaged by king navy when you’re feeling a bit more formal and moody. Unsurprisingly I’m particularly drawn to grey paired with another beautiful shade: green.


Bedroom Progress


Bedrooms are rarely the first finished product. Why put in the effort when the majority of your time and your guests’ time is spent elsewhere in the house? I guess this is as good of time as any to reveal my proudest DIY - the headboard!


For the Next Rainy Day

Projects rainy day collage

Let’s be clear, in no way is this a binding announcement, merely a collection of projects I’ve had my eye on for some time. If this incessant rain continues for much longer, there might be a nice crop of tutorials around here for your reading pleasure.


Quilt Progress

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As I may have mentioned before, I am embarking on my first quilting attempt. My friend is getting married in September, and I wanted to make a gift that was pretty and mostly useful. Cameron’s mother makes these amazing throw-sized quilts on the backside of which she sews a fuzzy blanket. Genius really. She kindly agreed to help me make one of my own!




This weekend Cam and I made the eight hour drive out to Kentucky to spend the weekend with my great aunt. As you may imagine, the weekend revolved around the finest the Bluegrass State has to offer: bourbon and horse races.


Is it ok to abandon a book?

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I read 40 books in 2015. That's almost one per week! Another day I will write a post about the books on that list, but for now we'll use it as a benchmark for 2016.


Instagram Roundup

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Instagram has certainly been the fan favorite in social media land, and seems only recently to have been unseated by Snapchat, although I don't think the allure of a well-filtered latte shot will ever go out of style. For a quick post today I've pulled together some of my personal favorites. I'd love to have your recommendations as well!

Millennials of New York - because who can resist an opportunity to lampoon an entire generation in a single genius caption

Harlow and Sage - Is it possible to ever tire of looking at dogs snuggling? Added bonus that it fuels my dachshund obsession.

Face the Foliage and Gretchen Roehrs - in a world full of flat lays and pineapples they have managed to find something stunningly original and wonderfully creative. Does anyone know if they sell prints?

The Joshua Tree House - double whammy of desert photography and beautiful home design. Why did I ever leave the Southwest??

The Onion - It's long been a dream of mine to meet an Onion staff writer. Every single post is devastatingly witty and topical, and my camera roll may or may not be full of screenshots of their posts to laugh at again later.

Mars Curiosity - Did you know the Mars Rover has an Instagram?! The posts are few and far between but they always grab my attention as I’m scrolling.

Side note: did anyone read/watch The Martian? I loved the book but was bored of the movie after half an hour. I have the same problem with any movie/series made from a detail-rich book (Game of Thrones and Harry Potter I’m looking at you) - I get bored and frustrated almost immediately and lose interest.

Other design/decor favorites include: Design Milk , Home Polish , Rue Magazine , Domino Mag , and Design Sponge .


Links Links Links

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Happy Friday! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the air is warm, and I am sitting in a cubicle trying to find something interesting to say about China's equity market. Five hours until freedom! My weekend plans involve hash browns and any activity that keeps me outside. I'll leave you with a few links I like.

Is cactus the new fiddle leaf fig?

Leeks - no longer just for soup!

Currently deciding between this or this

This would be so fun to replicate with my llama figurines from our Peru trip.

Really great article from the Washington Post, 'How Americans Claim to Love Ethnic Food.' .

Read any good articles lately? This would be a good place to plug my friend Helena's amazing newsletter "Deipnosophist" - she rounds up all the newsworthy, though-provoking, and funny articles each week. Subscribe here!



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I could create an entire post category devoted to my love of Etsy. It's a magical black hole that sucks in all my money and spits out delightful treasures. Eighteen years of life in New Mexico left me with a certain predilection for anything cactus themed, which also seems to fit in with recent blogger trends. Never in my life have I seen so many objects plastered with, shaped into, or painted with the spiny beasts. Far from me to complain however, as now there are 300 pages following the search term "cactus" on Etsy. I've collected a few of my personal favorites for you to consider.

Logically the first line of attack is the artwork. This beaut in particular I have had my eye on for months. Just waiting for a bit of wall space to open up (say, if the Bioshock posters one day mysteriously vanished).

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Oh you're in the market for a phone case, hmm? Well. I have done the work for you and combed through the thousands of cases online, and narrowed it to three lovely contenders (spoiler alert I am currently sporting #2)

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Clearly I am a nutjob and I have spent way too much time drooling over cactus-themed chotchskys on the internet. Time to go outside!



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After years of wistfully hanging about the interet trying to think of a clever blog name, I've taken the plunge. Welcome to Oh Give Me a Home - the new vessel for all my pent up decorating energy and plant momma urges. My current 650 square foot situation isn't particularly conducive to elaborate vegetable gardens, palatial solariums, or cavernous libraries, so I need a productive place to store all my decor plans and half baked DIY ideas. If I can convince my boyfriend to take pictures of me once and a while, we might have ourselves a serious blogging attempt. I have all sorts of ideas and no earthly idea where to begin.